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When undertaking competitive examinations such as the HSC and VCE, it really pays off to study smart. It is proven that the students who consolidate their knowledge through plenty of effective study and practising (normally through past papers) are the ones who excel and ace the HSC!

It is vital that you accept the following as your study mantra; quality over quantity! Spending more time studying and more money at tutoring will not necessarily guarantee you better grades. You need to learn to study smarter, not harder.

Focus on past paper questions the most, as they are the style of questions most likely to show up in your HSC exams! Doing all the worksheets from your maths tutor won’t help if they don’t allow you anytime to do past papers as well. Prioritise past papers (if you’re game, try doing them under exam conditions)!

Lastly, aim for perfection. A helpful study hack; do the same question over and over again until you get it correct. Don’t move on until you get all your practise questions correct!